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How To Do The Instagram Baddie Makeup By Gemma Isabella


Makeup is upgrading everyday more and more. We see different techniques and makeup tools constantly on social media but especially on Instagram. What we see the most on famous models accounts is the “baddie” look.

They are all about the attitude to look strong, independent and bossy. A big part on that plays the “killer” makeup and the sharp eyeliner which can slash you in the blink of an eye.


YouTuber Gemma Isabella, Sydney based makeup artist is a pro when it comes to giving you all the sass. She creates the “baddie” look while focusing more on contouring and highlighting.

For the eyes she decides to use brown and light eyeshadows by using the Tarte palette. She also goes with nude for the lips which completes this flawless look.


baddie 2

So, is the baddie look your thing?

(The correct answer is yes, it’s everyone’s thing.)

You can follow Gemma on Facebook and Snapchat too. She posts a lot of tutorials you can get inspiration from.

To get more details about the look, check out the video down below:

Source:Gemma Isabella

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