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Weird Celebrity Social Media Pictures That Are Just Too Much

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There’s nothing wrong with people sharing their lives on social media, but sometimes they just go way too far. Every one of us knows someone who overshares on Instagram. You just got a mental image of that person’s last post, didn’t you. You know you did.

Check out below these celebrities who didn’t hold back on bit on social media.

1. Justin Bieber

He wants us all to know he has conjunctivitis in his left eye. Barely noticed it!


Source: Instagram | @justinbieber

But no, you don’t understand. He actually posted FIVE pictures of his eye to try and convince us that we care.


Source: Instagram | @justinbieber

2. Katy Perry

Well, I don’t know what’s happened but clearly Katy Perry wants to be Guy Fieri for a day. Not a small task at all!


Source: Instagram | @katyperry

3. Lady Gaga

Even though we are always prepared for Gaga to do something creepy, we are shook by this.


Source: Instagram | @ladygaga

4. Kim Kardashian West

Oh, and remember when Kim decided to show us her bloody face? But still she manages to look flawless!



5. Lena Dunham

Why do celebrities like to show their insdipositions all the time though? This time Lena showed us her seven-day sinus infection.


Source: Instagram | @lenadunham

6. Kylie Jenner

This picture actually confuses me. I am still trying to figure it out if it is a sticker, graphic or a Snapchat filter.


Source: Instagram | @kyliejenner

7. Amy Schumer

Of course she treats her visit to the hospital like no other. Is going to the hospital actually this fun?


Source: Instagram | @amyschumer

8. DJ Dillon Francis

If you are not following him on Instagram, you need to do that. Whether you like his tunes or not, he is an accidental comedian who really has a pet piñata named Gerald.


Source: Instagram | @dillonfrancis

9. This photo effect?

What’s up with that? I haven’t seen an edit like that since ’08. The glow around the Gucci Mane is popping through my computer screen. Stop!


Source: Instagram | @laflare1017

10. Chrissy Teigen

When it comes to looking weird, she makes it cool and trendy.


Source: Instagram | @chrissyteigen

11. Nicki Minaj

There is a lot going out even for Nicki. Fur coat, sunglasses, chain mail – looking dress, large belt? It’s too much for me.


Source: Instagram | @nickiminaj

12. Madonna

She must love Snapchat filters since 82% of her Instagram account is just her playing around with Snapchat-like filters.


Source: Instagram | @madonna

13. Zooey Deschanel

Zooey channeling her inner Tobias Funke.


Source: Instagram | @zooeydeschanel

14. Ke$ha

She is sending us Christmas smooches from her bubble bath that kind of looks weird. She need the iPhone 7 honey!


Source: Instagram | @iiswhoiis

15. Rihanna

This is some straight up Exorcist scene. It brings me bad memories!


Source: Instagram | @badgalriri

16. Ryan Seacrest

He need to work on his smile a little.



17. Aziz Ansari

This is his new friend and it’s kind of terrifying.


Source: Instagram | @azizansari

18. Jaden Smith

Kids these days…


Source: Instagram | @c.syresmith

Next time you feel weird or awkward about posting a picture, just remember that Justin Bieber took a picture of his pink eye five times for millions of people to see.


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