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How To Create A “Go To” Instagram Makeup Look


Instagram is one of the most used social networks out there. It is a good opportunity especially for vloggers where they share their makeup techniques, new makeup tools, different inspired looks. Now, if you are doing an Instagram photoshoot and you need something that looks “effortless”, you need to definitely go with natural, glowy skin and not anything that looks “too much”.

YouTuber Sichenmakeupholic is sharing with us her tips and her own way to get ready for a small photo shoot. One thing that you can clearly notice at first is how clean and shiny her face looks. She has a trick for that.


To make a glowy skin effect, she mixes primer and foundation together. You can clearly see the effect afterwards. After her eye makeup she also puts on bronzer, blush and highlighter.

Instagram 1


For the eyes she starts first with a light brown eyeshadow and then goes on with a shimmery bronze one. In the middle of her eyelid the makeup artist applies some glitter. To make her eyes pop even more she created a pink shimmery line on her lid and then went on with a black one. She also underlines her waterline and completes the eyes with mascara.

Instagram 2


Moving on to the lips, she has an interesting technique. She starts off by applying lipstick only in the middle of her lips and then by using fingers, she spreads it through the other parts. She applies the same blush she used on her face on her cupid’s bow. This looks like a natural lip color, which is super-cool.Instagram 3

Did you like this simple Go-to Instagram makeup?

Instagram 4

You can share your thoughts and suggestions with us. For more detailed information on the look, click down below and enjoy!


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