Instagram Parody Queen Celeste Barber Wins The Internet With Her Pics

Instagram Parody Queen Celeste Barber Wins The Internet With Her Pics


You know Celeste Barber? Well, now you do. At least, you can follow her hilarious Instagram account and start ROFL-ing. You know, “rolling on the floor laughing.” Because some of her pics are truly that fun!

The Australian “actor, comedian, writer, lady” – as she describes herself, never expected she would get so much fame and recognition by just posting her humorous recreations. It all started as a joke between her and her sister, she says, when the two would see a famous model or a celebrity posing in a ludicrous way. Naturally, most of us raise their eyebrows at some of those fashion shots, and some of us joke about it in private, but Celeste’s move was to make it public.

And what do you know – suddenly millions of people approve of what you’ve only snickered about in private!

Going 2.8 million followers strong, Celeste’s voice is more powerful and resonant than ever. The photos, themselves, are not merely jokes – but can be seen as an incisive comment on the ridiculous standards of the fashion industry, and its gendered aspects.

Don’t believe me? Well, imagine if a man did the recreations as well. In fact, other male comedians have already done this, causing a lot of laughter and realization at the, sometimes, ridiculous levels of sexualization.

At any rate, the norm is to always superimpose the ideal on the ordinary – but what if we do the opposite? What if we dare superimpose the ordinary upon the ideal? What happens then, and would you even dare?

Well, Celeste Barber did, and these are the (hilarious) results, courtesy of 9GAG. Enjoy!

1. I Dream vs I Eat


2. “Star”


3. One doesn’t have to be a ballerina to do this


4. “Am I shaving my armpits often enough?”


5. Ace Ventura never had this problem


6. GQ vs BBQ


7. Trying to button skinny jeans when not skinny is a great abs exercise


8. Don’t recreate viral social media photos drunk, kids


9. A different kind of hourglass


10. “Weeds n all…”


11. That one’s kinda spot on


12. A bloated tummy from all that water


Source: 9GAG

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