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Learn How To Contour Like An Instagram Pro

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Nikkie Tutorials is an absolute internet treasure island. We shared the video where she takes makeup to a new, horrible level. Then, we enjoyed and shared her ‘Get Ready With Me’ video with the wondrous Jeffree Star.

And what we have here is Nikkie teaching us how to look flawless by contouring like Instagram Pros!

As she says in her video, Instagrammers have come up with amazing techniques when it comes to makeup. The bliss of having internet access means learning new things every day. And if makeup is what you’re interested in, then you’re in for a treat.

Did you know you can actually use a spoon to contour? And how about the clown contouring technique?

Nikkie has seen all of them, and now she shares with us the best way to take your contouring game to the next level.

Enjoy, and learn something.


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