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Study Says That The Way You Use Instagram, Tells A Lot Our Personality


If you are obsessed with doing it for the social networks, especially Instagram, studies show the sad truth about your personality. We already have a niggling feeling that some Instagram users are narcissistic attention-seekers who require constant validation and approval from their peers. But now there’s academic proof!


Shocking, isn’t it? We all see a lot of pictures on Instagram of people showing off or posting only the flattering selfies of the hundreds they took, so who really would’ve thought it’s a hotbed of vanity?

LendEDU has already confirmed what we have known for a long time now: Out of all the social apps we have on our phone, Insta is the one you turn to for an ego boost. It actually is the sad truth.

Combining votes with Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, a survey of 10,000 millennials found 64 percent believe Instagram is the most narcissistic social media platform.


In the time when you are not posting selfies after selfies because you are just obsessed with how you look, then you are probably deleting the pictures that people didn’t “like that much”.

The survey found 78 percent of millennials know someone who has deleted a post because it didn’t get enough likes. This should not be a surprise, it confirms, in the best way possible, what a beautiful mess our generation is and how we are obsessed with impressing people.


Or, as LendEDU says for EliteDaily: “The world of social media has become so expansive and diverse that its original intent has become convoluted. For (millennials), social media is a powerful tool with the ability to create an entirely new persona, void of reality. The formula is quite simple. If you post enough artsy, chic pictures of yourself that rack up plenty of likes, then real-life accomplishments will not matter because the popularity of your social media accounts will determine your status on the social hierarchy. ”


But you know what? Screw the haters. If you just don’t care that you are trapped in a world like this and it makes you happy, keep doing you.


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