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15 Interesting Facts About Comedienne Rebel Wilson


Ever since making a cameo in Bridesmaids, Rebel Wilson has reached worldwide popularity. That popularity was achieved due to her ability to provide you with your daily dose of truly insane laughs. After appearing in the aforementioned 2011 release, pretty soon, everyone wanted to cast Rebel in comedy movies, and she has more blockbusters coming soon, including Pitch Perfect 3.

Rebel Wilson’s comedic skills are somewhat unrivaled, so to celebrate her personality and her smash success, here are 15 things you need to know about the 37-year-old.

1. She was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

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Source: The Telegraph

2. She’s the only one from her family with a cool and uncommon name

The rest of her siblings have uncommon names, but they’re not as cool. Their names are Liberty, Ryot and Annachi.

15 Interesting Facts About Comedienne Rebel Wilson 2

Source:Woman’s Day

3. She almost wanted to get into a job that involved mathematics

“I was very academic at high school and was always good with numbers,” she said in an interview with the Sunday Herald.


Source: The Daily Mail

4. Rebel’s character in Bridesmaids

Her character, Brynn, was roommates with Matt Lucas’ character Gil. Having so much fun on set, the actors decided to move in together in real life!


Source: YouTube | Ditto Greetings

5. What drove her to be an actor

You may be surprised to hear that the real reason why Rebel decided to become an actor was because her malaria was causing her to have hallucinations that she was an actor who had won an Oscar.


Source:Go Fug Yourself

6. The set of Pitch Perfect

The women on the set all blamed Rebel for making them laugh. She would improvise most of her lines and then go on 20 minute tangents which made everyone die of laughter, according to her co-star Brittany Snow.


Source: The Telegraph

7. Size asset in Hollywood

Wilson is not at all ashamed of her size. She is proud of her body and the way she looks, even going as far to say “bigger girls do better in comedy.”

You go, girl!


Source: The Daily Mail

8. She’s obsessed with hip-hop and rap

Her rap alter ego is Rebelicious, and she used to compete with her sister Liberty in music contests.


Source: Makers

9. Spokeperson for Jenny Craig

She became a spokesperson for the brand in Australia and has lost 22 pounds since she was on the program. Apparently, the producers of Pitch Perfect didn’t allow her to lose any more as her contract said she had to stay the same.


Source: The Huffington Post

10. Rebel’s biggest comedy inspiration

The inspiration in question is Tina Fey. She admires Tina because she’s a “true writer and a performer.”


Source: The Daily Mail

11. She watches TV shows when she wants to relax

Her favorite TV shows are Dance Moms and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.



12. Australian accent

She keeps the accent while acting because apparently, her face hurts after a few hours with an American accent.



13. She can do it all

She wrote, starred in and produced a musical play called The Westie Monologues, which apparently first appeared in theaters around 15 years ago.


Source:ABC News

14. She likes to wear track suits an awful lot


Source:Lainey Gossip

15. She has a law degree!


Rebel Wilson is definitely one of the coolest people in Hollywood. There’s definitely no denying that.

Are you also a big fan of this hilarious actress? Have any more interesting things to share about her? Share it in the comments!

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