Interior Makeover: Light-Up Your Room With This Headboard

Interior Makeover: Light-Up Your Room With This Headboard

Interior Makeover

A California native, Nastaza is an interior DIY entrepreneur and YouTube blogger. Unselfishly sharing all her life hacks with us, Nastaza returns with yet another video on the essence of proper lightening one’s surroundings.

Lightening is the best-kept secret of interior designers. Lightening is literally the ace up the sleeve. It’s one of the best ways to transform the look of your room or the way the interior fits and looks in the room.

In addition, one might feel that they need thousands and thousands of dollars to achieve something glamorous or to lighten up the character of the room.

Moreover, true DIY tricksters know that you actually need very little to add some oomph into your everyday existence!

What you will need:

  1. Curtain Rod
  2. Mini Lights
  3. Hanging Hooks
  4. Curtains

How to:

1. Curtain Rod

Pick a curtain rod that fits and works for your space. Hang your curtain rod. Ask for help if you are unsure how to use a power drill yourself!

Interior Makeover 1

2. Mini Lights

Nastaza uses a pack of 300 lights.

Add the lights on to the hooks. Be patient since they will be all tangled up and you want to untangle them properly since there is electricity running through them and you don’t want to risk a shock.

Interior Makeover 2

3. Hanging hooks

Add the hooks right after the curtain rod is hooked.  Stick or pin them to the wall 15cm below the curtain rod. Make a nice straight line with all the hooks.

Interior Makeover 3

4. Curtains

The curtains used for this video are Ikea white sheer curtains. Add the curtains to the curtain rod as soon as you are finished with the lights. Put the curtain rod back up! Arrange the curtains making sure there are no holes or spaces!

Interior Makeover 4

Everything is infinitely more romantic and classy with this DIY headboard!


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