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An International Survey Of 2,000 People Provides Interesting Results Regarding Breast Size


As with many other aspects of bodily appearance, what has been considered an attractive bosom has also varied greatly in different times and places. What is certain is the gradual but seemingly irreversible trend of de-tabooization of the female breast in modern society, with a bare bosom barely considered nudity in the western world.

Beginning with the sexual revolution in the 1960s that first opened topics that have been sealed for centuries, and culminating with the removal on old stigmas placed on the human body through modern popular culture such as movies, music and modern art, perpetuated by the celebrities of our era, it is now not unusual for women and men to talk about their preferences when it comes to genitalia or breast sizes.

Continuing those trends, one of the largest online medical service providers has carried a fascinating international research on breasts, cup size and regional data on the female bosom. DrEd is a London-based company with international branches which specializes in offering “regulatory-compliant online and remote medical services by harnessing technology to remove the need for a face-to-face doctor consultation”.

The online practice focuses on low-risk patients that value convenience or want to avoid embarrassment. It often caters to people dealing with issues such as hair loss, asthma, contraception issues, erectile dysfunction and similar.

For their research, DrEd’s analysts surveyed 1,000 Americans and 1,000 Europeans on their ideal breast size in order to provide an answer to that eternal dilemma: does breast size matter?

One major contribution of this probe to the scientific world is: there is no right and wrong breast size!

Scroll down for the research’s results and more information.


More than 60 percent of women and nearly 54 percent of men preferred an average breast size

Additionally, while nearly 31 percent of women and 35 percent of men said a larger bust was ideal, just over 9 percent of women and 11 percent of men thought a smaller breast size was more attractive. Also, the majority of women interviewed prefer average-sized breasts to bigger or smaller ones.

Bear all that in mind before going for a boob job or trying to visually enhance your breasts so they appear larger.


Over half of the female participants thought a C cup was the perfect fit. Close to 26 percent preferred a B cup. Nearly 2 percent said an A cup was their preferred breast proportion

Men – contrary to stereotype – also agreed that a C cup was their ideal size. However, slightly more men than women preferred D and DD cup sizes.


Across most of Europe – including the U.K., Spain, Austria, Portugal, and the Netherlands – both men and women agreed a C cup was the perfect fit

In Poland and Hungary, however, interviewees opted for a B cup breast size over other sizes. Does that perpetuate the myth about Eastern European men being old fashioned?


As with most things in life, preference and reality don’t always line up. While men and women in most European countries preferred a C cup, only women in the U.K, France, and Poland averaged a C

Women in Hungary had the smallest breast size of any country (A cup), while women in Romania had the largest – a D cup.


It turns out, the ideal cup size differs from the average cup size in most countries. Life is cruel!


Overwhelmingly, women in the U.S. and Europe with A to DD cups acknowledged they were happy with the size of their breasts

Despite the tabloids’ interest in breast implants, over 74 percent of women from the U.S., 76 percent of women from the U.K., and 84 percent of other European women with a C cup were satisfied with their chest size.



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