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This Viral “Challenge” Is Back And Causes Children To Burn And Leaves Scars

Salt and Ice Challenge

A Caustic Challenge

Here is all you need to know. The viral challenge that took place in 2012 has made a nasty comeback for 2017. It is called the ”salt and ice challenge” where people put salt and ice on their arms.This can cause first or second-degree burns. One thing to remember if your friends challenge you. They are not your friends.

The after affects of the #saltandicechallenge

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The salt causes a decrease in the temperature of the ice, creating a painful burning sensation. The viral challenge is based on who can keep the ice on the skin the longest. The interesting and uncomfortable fact about this is that the damage does not show up for some time. Therefore you have no way to figure out when to stop.

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Schools and parents need to be seriously vigilant and talk to their kids before they try it. What’s next? Jump off a bridge challenge? Who comes up with this stuff?

Awareness is Key to Stopping This Stupidity

If you want to see the effects of this challenge watch the the video down below. We are not promoting this challenge. we want you to know and understand the dangers before anyone else hurts themselves.

Source:GloZell Green, redbookmag

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