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The Compassion Of The Internet: Thousands Support Girl Whose Boyfriend Told Her There Was Something Wrong With Her Body


As well as an arena for mindless trolling, the internet is often a place where humanism, compassion and solidarity shine through, often when one least expect them to. When one girl discovered her (now ex) boyfriend was not who she thought he was, a legion of online strangers turned into the best of friends and firmly stood up behind her.


When 19-year-old Katie Testa from Florida shared her exchange with boyfriend Matt, to whom she sent a bikini selfie only to be told he didn’t like her body, hundreds of thousands of Twitter users jumped to the teenager’s defense. In the text, Matt brutally confronts Katie for the cellulite on her legs and her stomach, revealing how they looked bothered him, since the day he asked her out.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Katie said it helped her realize she “didn’t deserve someone who spoke to her that way”.


At the time when she sent the selfie, Katie and Matt had been going out for five months. Although her family tried to convince her that he did not treat her right, it wasn’t until Matt’s reply that the 19-year-old definitely realized he was not the right person for her.

Matt’s full text message read:

“You have cellulite on your legs and I hate it and stomach isn’t how I like. It’s bothered me since I’ve asked you out. I’m sorry, now I feel like an asshole.”

Katie’s reply was short and to the point, and it wasn’t long before it went viral, with people all around the world showing their compassion:

“Good ‘cuz you are. Night.”

Katie then posted the message, along with her photo, on Twitter with the message ‘Boy, Bye’ and it has been liked more than 276,000 times and retweeted 50,000 times, along with thousands of replies.

Katie told The Mail that this wasn’t the first time Matt had made this kind of remark.

“He would make comments like he didn’t like my makeup and my tattoos, but the text hurt more than the rest of the comments he made before,” she said.

Katie broke off the relationship the following morning, admitting she felt embarrassed and hurt.


“He said he wanted to go out with me still because I had a sweet and funny personality, and tried to avoid noticing my weight,” Katie said when she was asked about her ex’s motivation for going out with a girl he claims he didn’t find attractive.

“My family and friends were actually the ones who made me realize he doesn’t treat me how I should be, especially when I’m so sweet and just want to make people happy. Since he would complain about my appearance from the beginning, I thought it was kind of normal, until I talked to my best friends and mom.”

Lesson learned, onward and upward!


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