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The Internet Went Crazy After The Recent Photo Of Macaulay Culkin, Looking So Different Than Before!


Does it seem like 1990 was 10 years ago to you too? Gone are the days when we sat in front of the tv, enjoying the adventures of Macaulay Culkin in our favorite movie, Home Alone. Whether you watched it then, or years later with its sequel, it just made you watch it over and over again. But Macaulay is all grown-up now, a 36-year-old actor, and he is truly handsome indeed! It’s so hard to accept the fact that this little cute pie that was so smart and adorable is not a little boy anymore. At the height of his fame, the American actor was regarded as the most successful child actor since Shirley Temple. He never truly left the public eye and went on with his recklessness, until his recent photo that has surprised his fans.


It is also important to mention that he started his band in 2013. Not that this is weird, though, but its name was The Pizza Underground. The band made parodies of songs by The Velvet background with pizza themes, and giving out boxed pizzas to people who attend their live performances. Back in December 2013, Culkin uploaded the first video on the Pizza Underground’s YouTube channel. He would just eat a slice of pizza in silence for over four minutes. For many of us, it was the first time seeing the actor whose movies we had watched so many times as children. But he wasn’t at the best of his looks. The band was not always successful. A gig in Nottingham, England, ended in Culkin storming off stage as his solo was interrupted by fans throwing pints of beer at the band.


Culkin has occasionally re-appeared on the world stage. He was seen dating Mila Kunis from 2002 to 2011, and has been dating Jordan Lane Price more recently. Although he lives in Paris, he was spotted in Hollywood very recently, and he looked like a totally new man.


He was spotted with actress and model Brenda Song, who also began her career at an early age.


The pair are set to star in the movie Changeland, an upcoming comedy-drama.


It is written and directed by Seth Green, who has worked with Culkin before on the animated show Robot Chicken.


It seems like his return to Hollywood is the reason for his new makeover. He looks way younger than his real age! The Internet went wild for his picture already, as he looks absolutely perfect!


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