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The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Photo And It’s ‘The Dress’ All Over Again


Oh, dear, it’s the dress photo situation all over again.

photo 1

Source:Harvard Health Publications

Another mysterious photo

We’ve all seen photos on the internet with mysteries where we cannot quite put a finger on the answer. When it comes to optical illusions, people lose their minds trying to figure out the photos. One such photo appeared on Reddit, where apparently a woman’s legs are missing.

You do remember a certain dress, don’t you? The color of which was ambiguous (Was it white and gold, or was it black and blue? Different people see different colors). This time the Reddit user jr0d7771 stirred up the internet by uploading a picture of young women sitting on a couch, writing, “Find the middle girls legs.”

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Source:Reddit / jr0d7771

When you first see the picture, everything seems to be in order. However, when you look at it closely, you notice that the girl sitting in the middle appears to have no legs. This prompted many people to try and figure it out, writing their theories in the comment section on Reddit. One person, identified as RacistestDudeOnHere on Reddit, even wrote, “Maybe she’s a couch-centaur.”

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Source:Reddit / justonewordforyou

The girl’s photo managed to go viral and many people struggled to try and figure it out. And yet the truth is not at all hard. A Reddit user show the simplicity of the matter by providing a diagram. The first girl’s leg is actually in front of the second one’s.

Both girls wear pants in the same dark color. Thus their legs blend, making it hard for the reader to notice it. This makes it seem as if the middle girl has no legs at all. Unintentionally, the greatest optical illusion was created.

via GIPHY, myhometruths

Probably no one on this photo could even imagine that it would go viral, not just on Reddit, but also on FOX News, in such a short period of time.


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