Flat Earthers

FINALLY! The Internet Has Found A Solution For Flat Earthers

Flat Earthers take themselves very seriously – and the very seriousness is what so many of us find so comical. But never underestimate the power of great numbers of men laughing, because it may result in some great ideas.

Like creating a reality show for Flat Earthers, much like Survivor, in which the winner will be sent on a trip in space, where they can finally convince themselves of what is true and what isn’t. As LadBible reports, in between laughing at Flat Earthers, people on Reddit sat down and did some serious brainstorming as to how to prove Flat Earthers wrong. Namely, that the Earth is a sphere.

Well, here are the best bits.


Flat Earthers

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One Reddit user called brssnj45 shared his frustration: “I recently met a Flat Earther. So the idea is that there’s a gap in the ring you can pass through, but it’s being guarded by the military at the south pole, and absolutely no one is allowed past that point.”

The Flat Earther told him, and with a straight face, the following: “Thus what we think is our planet is more like Attack on Titan, and this giant ring is a wall we don’t know about and can’t go past.”

I… I can’t even…

Knut_Sunbeams, another pro-facts, pro-science Redditor wrote: “I got banned from their sub for laughing at them. Their mentality seems to be that even if they were taken to space and shown the Earth as the sphere it is they still wouldn’t believe it so they ‘challenge’ the ideas of so-called intellectuals.”

See these images below? Photoshopped!

Flat Earthers2

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He, or she, continues: “Personally if you’re going to deny science in such a stupid fucking way and spout conspiracy theories about NASA you should be banned from using anything made possible by science. Have these morons living in huts with zero access to technology.”

But finally, the brainstorming paid off, with someone suggesting the BEST IDEA EVER. Namely, have a reality show where someone’s mind gets blown by a real trip to space. Nowadays it costs around $20,000 so it’s an affordable prize. But, there is a slight twist for the winner…

“But after they see the Earth, the ship should just keep going further and further and further and further.”

Yeah, I kinda LIKE this idea. Sadly, though, I suspect no Flat Earther will ever accept the challenge of actually facing the truth since most believe that space, along with the night sky, are just elaborate holograms beamed down to Earth from the flying saucers of NASA. Or a variation of that.


Featured Image Credit: PA Images
Source: Ladbible