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Ant And Dec Interrupted Britain’s Got Talent Audition Because It Was So Good



Matt Edwards took a place in the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent after Ant and Dec used the golden buzzer to grant the magician a golden pass. He had a “tequila” themed audition which secured him a place in the live shows last night.

Here’s the clip of the dramatic moment:

Alesha Dixon took control of the situation by adding:

“We’re so distracted by you clowning and messing about that we’re not paying attention to what you’re actually doing, so therefore it’s even more magical.

I really love you. I think you’re charming, I think you’re funny and I think you’re old school with a twist which is absolutely perfect for ‘Britain’s Got Talent”.


The cheeky chaps ran on stage as golden confetti rained down on all three. It was all a dream come true for Matt.

Ant said amongst fits of giggles:

“We were laughing so hard we almost peed ourselves!”

Dec piped up echoing the sentiments of Simon:

“You’re 34 years old and for some reason, you haven’t had a break yet, we just wanted to help.”


He looked so taken back by the whole situation, he broke into tears in front of the audience and judges.  The pressure is on, hopeful, y Matt will go on to do miraculous things since the judge used the precious buzzer wisely. It was a magical moment for everyone.


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