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3 Intricate But Simple Half-Up Buns Tutorial


Princess Hairstyles has created a half-up bun tutorial you just have to try out. These three different intricate looking but easy to create hairstyles won’t look out of place for any occasion, formal or informal.

They are a particular favorite of the little girl modeling in the video, patiently reading a book while her hair is being done. According to Princess Hairstyles, Half-up bun styles are currently trending and very popular. You will find a wealth of variations on their channel, including a prequel to this tutorial.

The three half-up buns featured are:

1. The crossed dutch braid cornrows

intricate 12. The topsy tail flipped ponytails

intricate 23. The triple feather braid

intricate 3

Check out the video with the full tutorial below.

Princess Hairstyles‘ YouTube Channel caters to Princesses of all ages and places. On their channel, you will find quick and easy hair tutorials on intricate braiding, the best simple everyday hairstyles, easy braids, messy buns, last-minute hairstyles, back-to-school hairstyles, hair hacks, compilations, wedding and prom hairstyles, 5-minute hairstyles, and much more.

Source:Princess Hairstyles

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