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The Latest Dad Invention – A Hairy Dadbag Belly Bump To Achieve A Perfect Dad Body


Being a dad does not come with instructions, but it does come with a huge belly often associated with eating junk food and drinking beer on a daily basis. Dads have a tiring job, being a parent is the toughest 24/7 job in the world. Often times, however, they take parenting to a whole new level of weirdness. And it does pay out in the end, I guess. A London-based ar director was inspired by this dad belly thing but he couldn’t get himself one for real, so he made a dadbag instead. Soon, it will probably be available on the market for all those longing to have the dad’s body. If there are any, of course.

It is actually a bumpbag with a proper dad belly printed on it.

More info:


The DadBag sits right on your stomach and gives off the impression that your belly is actually hanging out.


It’s round, hairy, and it’s everything the DadBod aspires to be.


The best part is that you can wear it anywhere you like. It’s probably the best if you put it on in a very public place so that your “belly” gets exposed and gets everyone’s attention.


It also comes in various forms according to the type of belly you have and how hairy you are.


Isn’t this just amazing!


And it looks so real!


You can also put your headset inside, but be careful. People might see you taking them out and they might weird out.


Albert Pukies, the very creator said about its creation:

‘I made the DadBag because I’m desperate to have a dad bod but I’m also very concerned about the health risks associated with it.

‘The solution is quite simple, a bumbag with a proper dad belly printed on it. Now I can put on a dad bod whenever I feel like it and even store my valuables in it’.


Sadly, the dadbag is not on sale yet, but the artist is currently looking for partners and manufacturers.


Source: boredpanda

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