Inventive Groom Gives His New Wife All She Ever Really Wanted

Groom Gives His New Wife All She Ever Really Wanted


Jeff Althoff, a knight in shining armor, surprised his newly wedded wife with a gift at their wedding, turning the family of two into a family of three!

“Ok, so, later tonight I would be surprising Jenna with a wedding gift of her dreams,” the groom announced his plans to his entourage.

wife 1

Fast forward to the reception, we see them both at the sweetheart table, up and ready for a toast. Jenna looks absolutely stunning. Her hair is in a bun. The upper part of her dress is made from lace. Jeff is the first one to toast the guests as well as his wife.

“I am a little bit nervous up here right now cause I am about to give Jenna a big surprise,” said Jeff as he threw a nervous glance over to Jenna. She looks composed and has no idea what sort of surprise will this be. Neither do we.

“Would each and every one of you here agree with me that she is the most beautiful bride you guys have ever seen.”

As he says these words, his wife comes to meet him at the middle of the dance floor, right in front of the sweetheart table.

“Jenna, I decided to give you a wedding gift that’s completely for you… It’s everything that you want,” says Jeff looking his bride directly into her eyes, slightly tiptoeing around her.

We see Jenna get a bit nervous.

wife 2

“You do agree with me that these last few hours were the best few hours of your life as family of two?”

Jenna nods yes.

“Well, I am proud to announce that we have now become a family of three!”

As Jeff pronounces those words, we see utter confusion and bewilderment, not only in Jenna’s eyes, but also in the guests’ eyes.

A British Labrador is introduced in the room by a hostess!

As soon as Jenna lays eyes on the puppy, we see that she is moved to tears! It’s a puppy all that Jenna ever wanted!

wife 3

She looks truly happy and moved by her husband’s gesture!

Best wedding gift ever.


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