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What Happens When You Put The iPhone 7 Into The World’s Strongest Acid?

Iphone 7
Editorial Credit: Simon Greig / Shutterstock.com

Why would anyone put the incredibly expensive iPhone 7 in acid?

Apparently, it’s considered entertainment, and it really is gripping, waiting to see what happens. The iPhone 7 is currently the world’s best phone, and while it has passed many tests, this one might be considered the ultimate.

TechRax is a channel that deals with torturing iPhones most of the time. They pour Coke on them, they drill through them, even put them in liquid nitrogen. That and many other things that will make people say ‘Why don’t you just give it to me?!’ When they’re not destroying iPhones, they jump into 500-pound iPhone cakes.

Well, someone’s gotta do it. This time, they pit the matte-black iPhone against acid. And not just any type, it’s the strongest. We almost feel sorry for it.

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