Irina Shayk Almost Spills Out Of Bra While Re-Creating Demi Moore's Scene From 'Ghost'

Irina Shayk Almost Spills Out Of Bra While Re-Creating Demi Moore’s Scene From ‘Ghost’

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Last year, the whole world was in a frenzy when Irina Shayk recreated Demi Moore’s iconic clay-wheel scene from the 1990 film Ghost. The Russian beauty was showing off her chest in a video shared by Love magazine for a yearly advent calendar.

But something’s ‘stirring’ again, as The Daily Mail reports. Love magazine posted the old video again to get readers excited for their latest advent – which is shrouded in secrecy.

Clay on her chest

Shayk brought the old movie scene back to life perfectly in the video shared on Monday. The video is a callback to 2016 which Love shared again to excite readers for their new calendar.

Showing off

The thirty-one-year-old model looked absolutely sensational as she recreated the lovely scene, which was accompanied by the Righteous Brothers’ evergreen hit “Unchained Melody.”

Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in Ghost (1999).


While brimming with sex appeal, the video wasn’t a 1:1 reboot of the original. Sadly the model’s partner Bradley Cooper didn’t take the role of Patrick Swayze from the 1990 movie.

When she made the video, Irina was still with child, as she and Bradley welcomed newborn daughter Lea de Seine to the world back in March.

The stunner’s belly was flat while she worked the clay

Bump-free: the video was filmed before the baby arrived


The attire

The cover girl almost spilled out of her bra, which was super exposed thanks to an unbuttoned sleeveless shirt.

Hot babe


Irina smolders hot as a volcano as the camera slowly pans down to her mound of clay. It may never become a pot, but her heaving chest and her shiny lips make up for it.

Camera love


Irina’s chest is the obsession of the video.

Demi did it first

Moore portrayed a lusty widow in Ghost, which won her the reputation as a sex symbol. Ghost was one of her biggest roles next to Indecent Proposal, St Elmo’s Fire and A Few Good Men. She is now 55, looking stunning and still working in Hollywood.

Ghost, from director Jerry Zucker, was a box-office hit.

It told the story of a man who was murdered, but his spirit stayed behind to warn his grieving lover of impending dangers. It also featured Whoopi Goldberg as a psychic who helped Demi’s character.

Mamma mia

Irina is engaged to Bradley Cooper, 42, and the couple had their first child, Lea de Seine Shayk Cooper, eight months ago.

The runway star has already bounced back and is back to work. She’s modeling for Riccardo Tisci’s Nike collection as well as for the Italian lingerie company Intimissimi.

Irina splits her time between Los Angeles and her apartment in Manhattan’s West Village, which Bradley moved into in November.

Cooper and Shayk in Paris in 2016


The couple’s relationship was moving along quickly – they were first spotted in May 2015 at Broadway’s Finding Neverland after meeting at the Met Gala.

Just two months earlier Irina broke up with Portuguese football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, 32, with whom she had been with for almost five years.

Bradley, too, was newly-single after breaking up with his Suki Waterhouse, 25, his girlfriend of two years.

It was last December when he put a sapphire engagement ring on Irina’s finger as she was in her fifth month with Lea.

Recently, Irina spoke about how she still feels sexy after having her first child. As reported by magazine, she said: ‘Motherhood is part of being a woman. It doesn’t really change if you’re sexy, and after baby, you’re not sexy. Every woman brings her sexiness in her own way.’

Enjoying life


Meanwhile, the leggy goddess is enjoying breakfast in a bikini.

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