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The Irish Spring Deodorant Soap Is The Best Way To Protect Your Plants From Deer And Rabbits

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For gardeners and people living in the countryside, along with rebirth and renewal, spring brings numerous challenges regarding their plants and trees. Among them, damage done by deer, pesky rabbits, and other herbivores are the most worrisome.

However, there is one both cheap and ingenious way of protecting one’s property from such dangers: Irish Spring deodorant soap!


The characteristic scent of this soap is a potent deterrent for mammals such as rabbits and deer; moreover, the soap is rainproof, therefore it will stay intact and in place during rainy spring seasons.

One 12-bar pack of the original Irish Spring costs around $13, making it by far the most affordable of all the products used for this purpose, while not being any less effective.

How to use the Irish Spring deodorant soap

Cut the bars into small pieces, and drop them into drawstring pouches. Draw the strings tightly to secure the pouch, and staple the pouches to wooden stakes using a staple gun.

Then, simply drive the stakes into the ground in 5 to 10-foot increments, around the garden’s perimeter, and make sure you put more stakes around the areas which you expect to be busiest. Additionally, you can sprinkle several smaller chunks of soap on the ground.


If you are not sure about what has been causing the damage, the easiest way to find out is by inspecting the leaves. If they are half-eaten or have serrated edges, they have been a victim of insects, as mammals devour the entire leaf or leave a clean cut.

If your plants are troubled by insects, the Irish Spring soap, unfortunately, won’t be of much use. However, in addition to being an excellent repellent for deer and rabbits, it also leaves a pleasant aroma around the entire area!

Check out the following video for additional, in-depth information about the repelling qualities of Irish Spring deodorant soap.


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