Isla Fisher & Matthew McConaughey Become The Perfect Bums On The Set Of Beach Bum

Isla Fisher & Matthew McConaughey Become The Perfect Bums On The Set Of Beach Bum


2018 will be a good year – especially because that’s when The Beach Bum gets released – the new surfer comedy starring Matthew McConaughey and Isla Fisher.

Although they’re both in their forties, with Isla being 41 and Matthew 48, they looked much younger and barely recognizable on the set of the upcoming comedy. JustJared managed to acquire some photos from the filming of The Beach Bum this Monday, November 20, in good ol’ Miami.

The movie tells the story of an angsty, rebellious stoner called Moondog, who, according to the script – likes to live by his own rules. I have to say that this is a role that seems especially well suited for McConaughey’s no-nonsense, brooding demeanor. Nothing screams “My way or the highway” more than a Matthew McConaughey sporting a shaggy golden mane and flame-printed shirt and shorts.

Isla, on the other hand, was seen rocking a fuchsia dress combined with bright pink plastic slides – and a lot of makeup hastily smeared across her face. One has to wonder what kind of role she will play?

But maybe looking at the photos will help us figure out this mystery. Check ’em out!

My way or the highway!


Isla, is that you?


Definitely her, but we still can’t figure out her character in The Beach Bum.


Moondog McConaughey


Damn, that’s pretty badass!


Are the pink slippers in the movie? We’ll find out in 2018, when The Beach Bum hits theaters.


Source: justjared

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