Brad Pitt is bringing back his ’90s hairstyle on the red carpet



Shaggy hair is having Hollywood red carpet come back. The iconic man’s haircut of the 90’s is reintroduced to the audience by who else if not Brad Pitt. He posed together with Ryan Gosling — a fellow product of ’90s television on the premiere for his new movie The Big Short in the New York City.

If you remember, it was exactly Brad Pitt and David Beckham who were wearing this hair style. Not to forget and Leonardo DiCaprio. It seems that Brad is becoming nostalgic.



The comparison how Brad Pitt looked at age 33 and 51 is unavoidable. The only difference is the color of his hair, as he was blond that time.  Having in mind that the set of  The Big Short is in the 2000’s it’s not wrong if we say that this haircut could fit in the decade of the film.

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