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Italian Millionaire Is More Than $12m In Debt, His “Fanbase” Responded Perfectly


Ever heard of Gianluca Vacchi? If not, in a nutshell, he’s basically an older, less muscular, Italian Dan Bilzerian, and despite seeming like he has a lush and luxurious life, a recent battle with creditors means that he could potentially lose it all.

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His yacht and several properties have been seized, and his followers seemed happy about that due to him being in some pretty major debt.

Before his luxurious, dream fueled lifestyle, he was the heir of the pharmaceutical company IMA Group, a business that belongs to his family. He worked there for 20 years, but then quit on accounts of wanting to focus on himself, and he wrote a book called #Enjoy.

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The company is apparently run by other family members of the self-styled playboy, and his annual wage comes in at around 5 million euros a year, which works out at around $5.91m.

Whether or not he is actually struggling with finances remains a mystery, as when questioned about it he just responded with “it’s a little debt”. His “fanbase” is having a huge laugh with his financial situation right now, going as far to create a Facebook page called “Find Gianluca Vacchi a job”, and instead of posting pics of him on his yachts and luxe swimming pools, people are photoshopping him next to paddling pools and pedal boats.

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According to Italian publication Quotidiano, so far he’s had a yacht, a few of his villas and his shares in the Casalunga Golf Club seized for a 10.5 million Euros ($12.4m) debt, which is pretty major. I don’t want anyone to complain about their debts anymore. Ever.

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