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Italian Pastry Chef Makes Art From Desserts!


We never get tired of things like this. Matteo Stucchi, a pastry chef from Monza, Italy creates whole miniature worlds of pastry, using only desserts and figurines.

What you’re about to see is so adorable and charming, you’ll think you can do it. You’ll try, probably fail and come back for more pictures of perfection.

Matteo says that, “A dessert’s looks is just as important as its taste.” Well, duh, how else would Instagram exist?

Joking aside, whatever dessert comes to your mind, Matteo has probably made art out of it. He has an exceptional eye for details. He has 35,000 followers, but he probably has a new number as we write this.


1. Brownie


2. Strawberries.


3. Look at that!


4. Such cuteness.


5. A Ferris wheel you can eat, what more do you want?


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