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20 Items You Should Avoid During The Upcoming Black Friday Shopping Craze


Shopping fans, brace yourselves: the shopping craze can soon begin! I can’t believe it’s almost Black Friday again. Whether it reminds you of crowds and quarrels, or of the greatest deals you’ve ever made in your life, Black Friday can be both an amazing experience, as well as a nerve-wracking nightmare.

The shopping craze comes the day after your favorite family holiday, Thanksgiving. But be mindful, the market is full of things you don’t need or don’t want to buy. Make sure you don’t purchase the following stuff and make the same mistake like these people did, landing yourself in hot water with a terrible case of buyer’s remorse just before Christmas.

Here are 20 items to avoid on Black Friday, compiled by Diply.

1. This pet shampoo that can turn your dog pink

Poor little pup! Is this photoshop or real?


Source: Instagram | @will_ent

2. This baby buggy cart that is so not for babies

It sure is awesome for some people, but I don’t think babies will like it much.


Source: Reddit | subiedude92

3. This candle with the worst scent ever

Did you imagine the scent in your mind already? There’s no going back.


Source: Reddit | AmbientBananas

4. This everyday tin can… for just $1,000!

Is this some kind of a joke? It’s not even April Fool’s Day!


Source: Reddit | killinmesmalls

5. This side table that is so simple, yet, so modern…

Try wasting your $200 on wood and then brag about it on the social media.


Source: Reddit | kamajo8991

6. Those cheap wrist slap bracelets are hiding a secret

Now you know what’s inside. The secret’s out!


Source: Imgur | BananaHam

7. This Nicholas Cage pillow with an interesting note

Make your dreams unforgettable and creepy!


Source: Reddit | matlockga

8. This specialty tea begs you to read the label carefully. Always!

Make sure you don’t mix up the labels!


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

9. This “shoe” that shows why we prefer being in the store than online shopping…

Online shopping is dangerous, especially on Black Friday.


Source: Me.me

10. The do-nothing workout routine that will get you nowhere


Source: Reddit | koknesis

11. These batteries that finally fulfill your designer look

Because who buys regular AA batteries on a Black Friday?!


Source: Imgur

12. The fidget spinner world

A trend lasts shortly. So don’t waste all of your savings on it.


Source: Imgur

13. Everything about this flyer

Enchanted mayonnaise does kind of sound appealing, though, doesn’t it?


Source: Imgur | MattDude

14. This new spin on a classic game


Source: Instagram

15. The hat that snaps!

Be careful not to ruin your hairstyle, though!


Source: Imgur | PrincessChapstick

16. The product that makes anything into a sandwich

Wash your hands first if you are still in for this one.


Source: Reddit | enigmanly

17. This incredibly marked-down sweater


Source: Imgur | Babar99

18. Always check the price tags!


Source: Reddit | Rannelbrad

19. The product that might bring decency to your garbage


Source: The Chive

20. This toothpaste that you can give to your friend only to annoy them


Source: Reddit | NeanderStaal

Here are some people who probably regret shopping online.

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