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35 Items Worn By Rachel Green On Friends That Are Acceptable Today


One of the most watched TV series out there, particularly for 90s kids has got to be Friends. While the concept of the show was pretty simple, and even though it debuted in 1994, right up until the last episode in 2004 it has received a massive following and fanbase. Even to this day the show is getting reruns on tons of TV channels around the world and people are re-watching it time and time again, which is a testament to its popularity and lasting impression that it left on people that were growing up in the 90s.

When it comes to the characters, everyone has their preference, but one of the fan favorites was the naive runaway bride, Rachel Green, portrayed by Jennifer Aniston. Her outfits might not have been something you noticed when you saw the show, but going back to them, it would seem as though they are still fashionable today.

Here are 35 of Rachel’s outfits and clothing items that she wore during the 10 seasons of Friends that seem to be returning today.

1. Jean overalls

These are everywhere nowadays, but Rachel made them cool back then.

I have never been a big fan of them myself, but if that’s something that floats your boat, then that’s fine.

 Jean overalls.

Source: Tumblr | stylespirationn

2. The little black dress

It’s safe to say that Rachel does this look just right. Everything about her dress is just… perfect. Where it should be.

The LBD.

Source: Pinterest | Lily Miller

3. She also looks great in this gray dress

While they weren’t that common back in the day, you can pick one up for relatively cheap at H&M or Zara.

This gray dress is even cuter.

Source: Pinterest | selinaa

4. High-waisted shorts

This outfit, except for the black pantyhose that just kinda screams 2017 to me. Though, of course, in 2017 you’d have to skip the pantyhose.

High-waisted shorts.

Source: Tumblr | rachel-greens-closet

5. The stereotypical sexy schoolgirl uniform

I think we’ve all seen this outfit, in places both safe and not safe for work. You know, socks up to the knee, the little plaid dress and the sweater. And as you might imagine, Rachel pulled it off perfectly.

The schoolgirl uniform.

Source: Tumblr | 90sclubkid

6. Blazer on top of a white button-up

That standard lowkey-try-to-look-classy… look.

The classic white button-up and blazer look.

Source: Tumblr | relatablefriends

7. Beige blazer and an equally beige skirt

This looks an awful lot like a teacher outfit.

This long beige blazer and matching high-waisted beige dress pant combo is to die for.

Source: Pinterest | Monica

8. The lace-up top

You know, the one that has the laces… there so you can show a little bit of skin?

This is, agreeably, not for the self-conscious.

The lace-up top.

Source: Recap Guide

9. Just look at that dress!

Everything about it is right!

Embroidered flowers, silk and a slit? She's on top of it.

Source: Recap Guide

10. Flower embroidered dress

Rose embroidery is arguably the most popular thing of this fashion era.

Here's another embroidered dress.

Source: Tumblr | relatablefriends

11. The layered spaghetti strap dress

This is where the tee-under-a-black-dress trend started, as it would seem.

Layered spaghetti-strap dress.

Source: Tumblr | 90sclubkid

12. Plaid shirts

Plaid shirts are equally as common nowadays, especially red and black ones.

Plaid shirts.

Source: Tumblr | lilpieceofmyworld

13. Draping her jacket over her shoulders

You know, in times when you’re not really cold but kind of are as well?

The jacket-draped-over-your-shoulders look.

Source: Tumblr | relatablefriends

14. The sleeveless turtleneck

You know you've seen the sleeveless turtleneck around.

Source: Tumblr | frie-nds

15. The tie up top

When it’s kinda hot outside so you can let your tummy cool down.

This tie-up top is a popular summer look these days.

Source: Tumblr | whiplash

16. These black knee height boots

They’ve started to appear a lot particularly now that fall is upon us.

Black knee-high boots.

Source: Pinterest | Franziska Stüven

17. It’s a high-low skirt

 I love that high-low skirt on her.

Source: Pinterest | Lily Miller

18. High-waisted, stripey pants

These high-waisted pants are killer.

Source: Tumblr | frie-nds

19. The lace slip dress is also back

Believe it or not, the lace slip dress is back.

Source: Pinterest | Lily Miller

20. A maxi dress perfect for the summer

This summery maxi dress.

Source: Tumblr | relatablefriends

21. Velvet turtleneck

Velvet is making a big comeback, but it’s finding its way on shorts rather than turtlenecks like this.

Blue velvet turtleneck.

Source: Tumblr | maddieblossom

22. Camo print, the staple of 2017 fashion

Especially among the men.

Camo print.

Source: Pinterest | Lily Miller

23. Striped trackpants

In most cases these days, these trackpants have three stripes and are made by Adidas. Unless they’re fake.

White striped trackpants.

Source: Tumblr | frie-nds

24. It’s not just the jean overalls

Black overalls like these are also a big thing now, and Rachel also wore them back then.

 These black overalls are such a cute look.

Source: Tumblr | lilpieceofmyworld

25. She also completely killed the button up jean vest look

Rachel slayed the jean button-up vest every single time.

Source: Blog Da Fran

26. The blue patterned dress

The classic blue patterned dress.

Source: Tumblr | morethanoneshow

27. A nice, classy wrap dress

This classy wrap dress.

Source: Pinterest | Lily Miller

28. This pink color is everywhere in 2017 fashion

This oversized "millenial pink" button-up.

Source: Tumblr | friendswithrachel

29. She started what is the equivalent of today’s boho chic

She went through a cute hippy phase that was totally the modern-day boho chic.

Source: Tumblr | dicaprio-diaries

30. The bardot shirt

The striped bardot shirt.

Source: Tumblr | rachelkgreenstyle

31. A classic, no-fuss baseball tee

The classic baseball tee.

Source: Tumblr | relatablefriends

32. Holy crap. Am I seeing right?

Or is that… a choker in the 90s/early 2000s. Yep, she was the first one to start that trend as well.

Yep, that's a choker.

Source: Pinterest | Lily Miller

33. And another skin showing tie up crop top

The tied-up button-up top.

Source: Tumblr | relatablefriends

34. The double slit dress, found everywhere these days

The double slit dress.

Source: Pinterest | Lily Miller

35. And, of course, the casual t-shirt…that has always been a staple fashion item

The classic graphic tee.

Source: Pinterest | Lily Miller

Are you guilty of wearing some of the items on this list nowadays? Let us know in the comments!

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