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Jackie O’s Granddaughter Looks So Much Like Her!

Jacqueline Kennedy
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One of the most prominent figures in American history, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is remembered for her dignity, edgy fashion sense and memorable appearance. In 1988, her daughter Caroline gave birth to a daughter, naming her Rose, after the late President’s mother. It was actually Jackie’s idea. And no, the comment wasn’t “Let’s honor this old lady by naming the kid after her. “Allegedly, it was somewhere along the lines of “The old bat is 100, let’s give her this.”

That’s Jackie O for ya. And interestingly enough, that’s Rose too. Because Rose Schlossberg inherrited her grandma’s wits, sass, beauty and sense of fashion.

She now has her own series, about girls who prepare themselves for the apocalypse. She has a Harvard degree in English. The paparazzi were honored with her middle finger. The girl’s on fire.

And somehow, we know that Jackie would’ve approved of all of this. You’ll see why.

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