James Fridman Taking Photoshop As Seriously As Possible

James Fridman Taking Photoshop As Seriously As Possible


James bloody Fridman is a British, ‘legen-wait for it-dary’ graphic designer who will take your request on altering a photo of yours. But he will not do it quite the way you want him too.

He rose to Internet fame when he started taking requests on Twitter for alterations to photographs and graced them with his absolutely fantastic sense of humor!



He is close to reaching a million followers on Twitter and has about 700,000 thousand followers on Instagram. I say let the man have his million! Of fans! And Dollars! Go follow him everywhere and do yourselves a favor! Let James grace your newsfeed in the morning!

1. James honoring victims of Friendzone all around the world! Raise the awareness, y’all!

1. Paying homage to a homie lost to the friend zone.

2. This particular photograph I find to be a contemporary piece of art. Try spotting the father and the daughter.

2. Helping this father-daughter duo blend into the crowd.

3. It surely came close.

3. Helping these guys get up close and personal with wildlife.

4. Right at it!

4. Safeguarding this couple from roving eyes.

5. James, can I buy you coffee?

5. Telling body shamers where to go.

6. Fam, they are closed!

6. Helping this young man to keep his legs closed.

7. Not really an ocean, but it will work. James is like her personal genie in the lamp! More like the genius in a lamp!

7. Granting a girl’s magical wish.

8. I love the effort he put in this photo.

8. This Photoshop masterpiece.

9. James is such a gentleman and a scholar!

9. Following instructions accurately.

10. Try walking in your girlfriend’s shoes, you guy you!

10. Giving this lady sensible shoes.

11. Need I caption this?

11. Providing the catch of a lifetime.

12. Fantastic! Bravo!

12. Making a Harry Potter fan’s dreams come to life.

13. You’re beautiful, it’s true.

13. Giving this guy a chance to be serenaded by James Blunt.

14. Mr. Fridman is also the first to criticize the unrealistic expectations that the female portion of this planet faces on a daily basis. Alas!

14. Fridman – 1. Unrealistic beauty standards – 0.

15. I think this guy truly felt it once he saw the photoshopped image.


Do you have a special someone you want to see altered by James?


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