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Jamie Dornan Revealed What He Likes In A Woman

Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan, 34, is one of the hottest and most incredibly good-looking men on Hollywood. He became even more famous and known for being hot after ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ movie first came out. He gave us major butterflies in some scenes and on February we are sure going to have some more.

But, what  traits are attractive to man who’s this sexy?

Jamie revealed the secret behind this question. He finally told us what he finds attractive in a girl.

In an interview during this month, he said that he prefers women that are strong, and comfortable with who they are. The 34-year old actor is married to Amelia Warned.


‘[I like] girls who are at ease with themselves, in whatever sort of way that manifests itself,’ James said for a source.

This is such a great advice for women out there who put a lot of effort to be accepted by society, when all you really need to do is come to the right level of casual and carefree. Keeping a calm head and not feeling the need to constantly prove yourself is a serious issue for women these days, as the pressure is huge and unfair. Just be who you are! Jamie Dornan would like you. Or maybe, liking yourself is perfectly fine.


‘If who they are is a bit unhinged, that’s fine, as long as they’re accepting of it,’ he said.

‘I like laughter — I like trying to make people laugh, and I like when people make me laugh. I think my wife’s very funny, so we have a giggle a lot,’ he concluded on the subject.

Lucky guy!

It seems like the actor doesn’t mind if you are a little crazy either, so why not? Basically this is all you need to impress the hottest actor ever. His advice is totally useful. All you gotta do is be you.

Source:Jamie DornanOnline

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