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Jamie Oliver Believes Cooking Is One Of The Best Ways For Families To Spend Time Together

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After fighting to provide school children with the food they deserve, Jamie Oliver has now turned his attention to our domestic kitchens.

In a post on his website from July 2016, the famous chef reveals worrying statistics that it’s not only schools that are slacking when it comes to feeding our kids healthy food – it is many of our households too.

That’s why he has started a new initiative to motivate parents to cook together with their children, thus bonding and spending quality time together while preparing something healthy and tasty.

Oliver cites a Huffington Post survey which has discovered that 12% of parents cook with their children every day, with one in ten saying that they never cook with their kids at all. The research shocked the 41-year-old to that extent that he issued a plea to parents reading his website:

“Cooking with kids is fun. And more importantly, it’s likely to help them towards living long and healthy lives. So if you do one thing this summer holiday, get in the kitchen – or even go a bit Huckleberry Finn and do it outdoors – but please, just start cooking with your children – you won’t look back.”

And at the beginning of February, he showed that what he preaches is not just empty words. The Clavering-born chef took to social media to show how he does it – posting a pic of him frying vegetables with one hand, while holding his six-month-old son River Rocket with the other.


Some of his followers were a little bit worried about River Rocket’s safety, with one of them writing:

“So adorable. But PLEASE don’t hold your baby near the stove,” another wrote.

Most of the responses have been overwhelmingly positive, with most people recognizing that Jamie’s world-class allows him to perform such complicated multitasking without endangering anyone:

“I love that even celebrity chefs have to balance their babies on their hips to simply get a meal on the table #keepingitreal,” one follower wrote.

Oliver, who does not want to seem like someone only talking the talk, captioned the photo with the words, “Gotta start them young!….. bless baby River he’s so fascinated by the cooking.”


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