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Jana Duggar Is Single But Keeping Busy And Planning The Future

19 Kids and Counting is a reality TV show that aired for 10 seasons on The Learning Channel network before being canceled in 2015. The show portrayed the everyday life of the devout Baptist family the Duggars, living in Tontitown, Arkansas.

The show explores themes such as God, purity and birth control. It has faced criticism over the years. Especially because of the Duggars’ stance of LGBT rights, before being suspended because of the molestation charges against the eldest son, Josh.

One of the unsolved questions that remained hanging after the show’s cancellation is the speculation regarding the relationship status of the eldest Duggar daughter, Jana.

27-year-old Jana Duggar has not married yet, although she has been frequently linked both with family friend Zach Bates, as well as football and baseball star Tim Tebow. Three of Jana’s younger sisters are already married, two of whom have kids.

The most fascinating aspect regarding the Duggar daughter’s love life is the fact that her father Jim-Bob Duggar, makes potential suitors fill out a 50-page questionnaire before even being in contention to date one of the girls!

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Jana has recently spoken about her predicament and her desire to get married and have children like her sisters.

“I don’t really know what the next five years look like. I guess in some ways [I’ve] got hopes and dreams like, ‘Well, maybe I’ll meet the one, and get married and have kids.’ I’m not just out to get married to the first one that comes along. I mean, sometimes it can be tempting. Especially in those moments where your siblings, who are married and have little ones, are going out on dates and doing their things.”

She also admitted to wanting a “hard-working guy versus an office job guy” for a husband.

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The oldest Duggar daughter recently purchased an old tattoo parlor for $95,000 and seems set on the idea of starting her own business. She has also co-written a book with her sisters Jessa, Jill and Jinger called “Growing Up Duggars”. The quarter has been doing book signings all across the country for a few months and Jana has stated her aspirations to support herself and be independent no matter her marital status.

She has also spoken openly about loving the domestic life. “I love working with children and I especially love being around new babies. You might think I get plenty of that, just being part of this big family, but I also volunteer at a children’s shelter to help entertain and visit with the little ones there. I love being the big sister to a houseful of siblings.”

And although she doesn’t have children of her own yet, it’s obvious she is busy giving her nephew and nieces all the love and time in the world!

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