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Park Janitor Is Shocked To Find A Little Creature While Replacing The Toilet Paper


You can expect to find anything in public restrooms: from flooded floors, to no toilet paper, or even broken doors. But, anyway, we all need to use them sometimes. They are tricky, though, as you never know who’s going to use them, or what kind of crazy things might happen there. Surprises in a  public restroom are rarely good, and you just want your experience to be as pleasant and quick as possible. Anyone who uses the rest area at Yarra Bend Park in Melbourne, Australia, expects the same thing. However, one day a cleaner was the one who was surprised, or rather, shocked. This cleaner discovered something that nearly made hom soil his britches…

Parks Victoria in Australia is beautiful for its natural scenery and incredible wildlife, and apparently, for big surprises, too.


You don’t even have to be a foreigner to be frightened to discover a possum resting on the inside of a toilet paper holder. An adorable little possum who had made himself a nest, was not a cute sight for the onlooker at first.


The park posted photos of their friend on Facebook. “Rangers often see strange things at times but Cameron at Yarra Bend Park admits he was not expecting this following message from the park’s cleaners! ‘Hi Cameron. There is a possum living inside the paper dispenser of the toilet at the Loop picnic area. Thank you.’ Needless to say, the possum was evicted and has been set up in new, more spacious accommodation.”

Park employees were then quick to build a small shelter for the little guy, and they  moved him into his new home in the park’s trees. Just look at that fluffy tail sticking out of the box!


The Australian possum looks entirely different from the American one.


There are more than 23 varieties of possum in Australia. It just happens that this one from the story was the second largest, and the most common: the brushtail possum. Actually, he quite resembles a squirrel.


Australian possums are known for their hearty diet of plant life. Interestingly, they are not affected by most toxins found in the local foliage,  which gives them a varied diet. Other creatures, on the other hand,  thrive on the area’s vegetation instead.


They would eat almost any plant that they come across, but they are the most partial to a diet made up of new chutes and leaves. They are particularly fond of fruits and veggies and can destroy an entire garden with their feasting!


You can find these cuties everywhere in Australia, always looking for places to make their homes. They have even been known to creep inside roofs to build a better insulated nest.


One thing is for sure! These little burrowers will do anything to stay nice and cozy.


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