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This Japanese Brand Debuted A Pair Of Jeans Like You’ve Never Seen Before


It seems like these days, jeans are getting more and more ripped, and the more ripped they get, the more acceptable it is to wear them. And now, a Japanese fashion company is taking the ripped jeans trend to a whole new level.

The Japanese brand Thibaut has launched unique denim jeans like you’ve never seen before, and they will blow your mind. The look that has shocked all of us is the so-called ‘Thong Jeans’. They  are just a pair of normal jeans with all the material cut away apart from the bare seams.

This controversial fashion item debuted  in the Spring/Summer 2018 collection at Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo. It was complemented by a pair of old trainers and a beige bodysuit.

Unfortunately, they are not currently available to buy. Shame, really. They would have made the perfect outfit for a first date. Just imagine the reaction of your potential partner.


These are the kind of jeans you’d wear when you don’t feel like wearing pants but you have to open the door for the food delivery man. Just the perfect amount of coverage.


If you were in the audience at this fashion show, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the poor model was attacked backstage and this is all she managed to salvage from her jeans. Or maybe she was a stunt double on an action-packed movie before hitting the runway. A stunt double in a movie that somehow involved ripping jeans to the point when they’re not really jeans anymore. But nope! The designer cut off all the fabric on purpose leaving just seams and a whole lot of exposed flesh.

But, it’s not just the legs that are missing: the fabric over the pelvis and covering the butt is also gone, leaving behind just fraying seams that look like a really fragile outline.
‘Yes, thong jeans now exist and if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to start my official Make Jeans Whole Again campaign,’ a writer for stated.

Fashion is defying all logic. These high-waisted mom jeans retail for $60 and made waves when they appeared online earlier this year.


If you are feeling adventurous, you can find a pair of ‘open back’ plumber butt jeans with a cut-out right over the bum in the ASOS back catalog, a place of many interesting and controversial fashion items.

In April, French brand Vetements launched these zipper butt crack jeans in collaboration with Levi’s. If you went to Victoria Secret and bought a new radiant pink thong, of course you would want everyone to see it!


ASOS didn’t stay far behind the trend. They debuted a pair of booty-baring jeans with a weird cut-out just above the butt. You can buy the jeans for $60. Or just take a pair of scissors and transform your old jeans in no more than 10 minutes.


And you can find these invisible jeans in Topshop if you want to show off your tanned legs.


Or if you are not sure if you’ll be cold or not outside. A girl has to have options.


Can you imagine how sticky and sweaty you would be wearing these. You’ll definitely have problems taking them off, no doubt.


But there is also a more normal version of the invisible pants which are actually not too bad.


You’ll still turn some heads, make no mistake.




Would you wear any of these pairs of jeans? Let us know in the comments!

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