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This Japanese Couple Is Getting Famous On Instagram For Their Adorable Matching Outfits


Ever run into someone on the street that’s wearing the same shirt as you, and you think “Hey, that’s interesting!”.

While I’m not exactly sure it’s happened to a lot of people reading this, I’m sure some have experienced it. Now, how about wearing the same (or similar) outfit as your partner every single day?

Well, that’s what this Japanese couple is doing. They are literally wearing matching outfits every single day.

The couple has a mutual Instagram account, @bonpon511, which is believed to be a fusion of their names, and they have amassed over 175k followers as of March 2017.


Not only do they have an amazing sense of style, but they always make sure that their outfits match, no matter where they’re going or what they’re doing.


The next time you see your friend posting a picture of a young boy with a protruding jawline holding a somewhat slim girl by the thighs with the caption “RELATIONSHIP GOALS!!!!111”, show them this.


This is the epitome of relationship goals right here.


These two have been married for 37 years, and their followers are absolutely gobsmacked by their matching outfits and sense of style.


“What a beautiful co-ordinated couple they are,” wrote one fan.


“You both are so beautiful, and so amazing that you have been married for all these years. What’s the secret to a happy relationship?” asked another.


“You guys [are] such an inspiration. I love it; you both have probably so much fun,” wrote another.


This probably is the coolest couple I have seen, and everyone who has a partner or is planning to date someone, you should take inspiration from these people!


I say it’s definitely worth going to these two lovebirds’ Instagram page and tapping that “Follow” button.



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