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Eighteen Japanese Innovations That Are Bizarre Yet Really Smart

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Japan is a country where mystery and tradition clash with modernity and innovation to create a fascinating society, unlike any other in the world. While Japanese inventions might some bizarre at first, it is rare that they are not backed by functionality; and in the same way that Japanese cars were originally laughed at, only to almost take Ford, Chrysler and GM out of business, don’t be surprised if you find some of these original innovations making their way to the western markets soon.


one of these great #japanese #inventions that make #everyday #life #easier – in trains you can rotate the seats in the direction of #travel #japan #jr #japanrailways

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Suddenly, spending a train ride on a seat which turns suddenly sounds like a great idea. It would make observing the countryside and talking to other passengers much easier, thus resulting in a far more pleasant journey.


Helmet manufacturers have made helmets for girls before but no one has been so thoughtful as to put a hole in the back so girls can pull their ponytails out!


Many parents would be spared the agony of deciding what to do with their babies when nature calls and they have to visit a public restroom by having baby chairs installed!


A café packed to the rafters with couples and groups of friends can be a lonely place for a single visitor – that’s why some Japanese coffee houses started putting large stuffed animals on an empty chair next to a solo coffee drinker.


Shibuya crossing #shibuya #shibuyacrossing #tokyo #japan

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Japan’s diagonal pedestrian zebra crossings might save you a lot of time and energy if they appear to your country in the future!


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How many times have you wished you had your tablet comfortably in front of you without having to hold it in your hands? Well, it is already a reality for Japanese users.


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Unlike the sunglasses put on dogs for comedic effect, these are actually shades specifically designed to protect the canine’s eyes from sunlight!


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Japan is now following up the silent disco with the silent karaoke. Its microphone will transmit your voice only to your ears and no one else’s, meaning you won’t have to wake anyone up anymore when those singing fits hit!


In Japanese culture, it is considered unacceptable to walk around the house in the shoes one has visited the bathroom in, therefore every home needs to have special bathroom-dedicated slippers.


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If you love working while lying down on your stomach but hate the numbness and tiredness in your arms, this cushion will make you enjoy the former without the latter.


In Japan, houses are not given specific numbers but identified by the owner’s last name instead, so plaques bearing names instead of numbers are the order of the day.


This idea will be loved by environmentalists everywhere and is bounds to save huge amounts of water through reuse.


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Many stores in Japan are completely automating their operation, as with the decline and aging of Japan’s population, it is difficult to find young employees for such positions.


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This Japanese hotel both automated and T-Rexed their reception!


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This napkin is set to revolutionize the consumption of burgers by making the eater less self-conscious about having to open their mouth wide in a company.


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Sitting on the floor is an old Japanese tradition and this mat can fold to become a laptop table allowing for being productive, yet relaxed.


Umbrellas are widely carried in Japan during the rainy season and by using an umbrella locker, not only office floors remain dry at all times, but no umbrellas are lost or stolen.


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Forget damaging your nails while trying hard to open a can of soda or beer – a couple of millimeters of space can make all the difference in the world.


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