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Japanese VS Western Nails Tutorial

Honestly, does one ever get tired of nail designs? How could we, when there are so many styles to choose from? While we’re on the subject, do you know that the Japanese way of doing nails is different in several special ways and lucky for us, we got someone who’s kind of an expert to show us how it works.

CutePolish is a nail art YouTube channel where Sandi Crystal Balls keep fans updated with the hottest nail trends, DIY techniques, hacks etc. They have recently expanded including 4 more internet top nail artists like Hannah, Juli, Minnie and Miri. Together, they will be dropping new videos every week. Yay!

Minnie is going to do 10 different nail designs. Five of them are Japanese.

Japanese 1

1. Colorful Star Design

You will start by applying a white nail polish and then in a sponge pour your favorite nail polish colors. Then, dab on the finger and create star shapes.

Japanese 3

2. Cheek/Blush Design

To make a cute nail design you will paint your nails white again and add some chunks from a glitter nail polish.

Japanese 2

3. Squishy 3D Star Design

With blue nail polish create a round circle on your nail. Then around the circle apply gold glitter and a yellow star.

Japanese 7

4. Fuzzy Heart Design

This time you will have to paint your nail white again and make a heart shape on it. Paint it with your favorite red color and flocking powder.

Japanese 4

5. Mermaid Rainbow Design

For this one, you are going to put green, yellow and pink colors on a sponge and then dab them to your white base. Put on a clear coat and you’re done.

Japanese 5

Coolness, right? And she does the other hand with the western version of nail designs. You can see the whole thing in the video below, and share your impressions with us in the comments!


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