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Sixteen Impressive Facts About Tough But Intelligent Statham


Former competitive diver Jason Statham might just be one of the biggest action stars of our day. An incredible body and equally impressive stunts are what has made him a household name in the cinematic world of high-octane racing and from-the-hip shooting. Read up on his personal life which does not seem any slower than an action sequence from Snatch or Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels.

1. He began working as a street seller

He was wheeling and dealing on the streets of London with his father, much in the manner of an Only Fools and Horses character.


Source:Rant Chic

2. Before acting, he used to work as a model

He reportedly didn’t like his own smile, so he would pose with a scowl – legend says it that this is what made Guy Ritchie cast him.



3. He once starred in a Kit Kat commercial

Source: cwbellor10

4. The year of his birth remains unclear

Born on the 26th of July 1967 and 1972 according to different sources.


Source: VK

5. His street seller skills came in handy when auditioning for his first movie role

Guy Ritchie asked Jason to sell him a piece of fake jewelry for Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. Statham was already so good at flogging things, he actually left with some of Ritchie’s money.


Source: Sky

6. He was kicked out of the Playboy Mansion for not posing with the girls

He showed up wearing only a bathrobe and didn’t want to appear in photos with the girls. Hugh Hefner could not have been impressed.


Source: Entertainment Mela

7. He used to be a world-class diver

He participated in the 10m Platform and the 3m Springboard events for the National British team.


Source: Daily Mail

8. He does almost all of his own stunts

Not only does he do most of his own stunt work, he’s long been fighting for stunt workers to have their own category at the Oscars.


Source: Moustache Magazine

9. He failed his driving test multiple times

Statham apparently picked up many bad habits while driving for his father in his early days, which didn’t bode too well with the discipline required to pass a driving test.


Source: Movie Citizens

10. He was once arrested for driving… a golf cart

After a party at Coachella in 2010, Statham was caught joyriding on the freeway with Kristin Cavallari. In the end, nothing serious came of the matter.



11. He actually performed the helicopter stunt from in Crank

He was actually hanging 2,000 feet above L.A. from a helicopter with only a tiny cable and belt keeping him latched on!


Source:Rio Rancho

12. None of the extras in Crank’s Chinatown scene were aware of what was happening

The helicopter wasn’t the only scene that was more real than you’d expect. The scene where he and Amy Smart get dirty in public was a complete surprise, and the shock of the extras was genuine. Statham refers to the scene as a great day at the office.



13. The plane scene in The Expendables almost turned out to be his last

On the day of filming, Stallone decided to have Statham be the one to fire the nose cone guns. After they had wrapped up, the pilot informed them that the engine was leaking and they were lucky the plane stayed in the air for as long as it had.


Source:The Reel Rhino

14. Statham went through an incredibly brutal training regimen for his role in Death Race

After three months on a relentless fitness regime and a diet of almost exclusively raw veggies, he managed to drop his body fat level from 20% to the incredible 6%. He lost roughly 17 lbs in 6 weeks.


Source: Bodybuilding | GutRott

15. He is also a masterful chess player

He and Guy Ritchie would reportedly play chess routinely. Statham states that Ritchie is the worst chess player he’s ever met and that he is still owed a lot of money for all the times he beat the famous director.


Source:Everything Noir

16. He’s a good football player

He wasn’t just acting in Mean Machine – Statham is a floating member of the Hollywood United FC.


Source:Daily Mail

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