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‘Jealous’ Best Man Hilarious Photobombs Go Viral


Finding the love of your life and starting your journey together is the most beautiful thing that can happen to someone. Imagine your best friend taking this big step. While you share all the happiness of the word with the couple it also gets difficult to accept the fact that your amazing time spent together is not gonna be the same ever again.

It all starts when your priorities change, responsibilities increase, and free time disappears, when friendships become a second thought. One couple decided to turn this sad fact into a photo opportunity by taking some funny photos with their best man.

Their engagement and wedding photos were taken by Lindsey Berger of Country Roads Photography. According to the photos, Mitch, the best man, had a little bit of trouble accepting the fact that he could lose his best friend who is opening up a new chapter with his wife and life-long partner.

In their engagement photo , Kody and Brittney (the couple) are sharing a cute kiss while they wrote an “I DO” message on the bottom of their boots.


The funny part of this is Mitch’s boots having an ”I DON’T” message while he pretends to kiss the bride and share his “happiness” for the newlyweds.

When the big day finally arrived, Lindsey wanted to do a similar photoshoot to the engagement one. She posted another hilarious photo on Facebook with the caption, “Well, we all know that Mitch wasn’t easily letting his best friend go…but, I think he handled it rather well ”


The wedding photo has the bride wearing shoes that say “I won”, while the best man’s say “Shut up. The photos were posted Sunday, June 18th and have since gone viral, taking social media by storm with over 130,000 shares, 37,000 comments, and 102,000 shares.

“Thank you all so much! We had so much fun with this. It literally just came to me at the wedding that we needed to recreate the picture but have her boot say, I won! But have the best pal be pouting on the side! Lol!!”


We’ve all seen engagement and wedding photos online, but these definitely take the cake. Big congrats to the newlyweds. We wish them a long and happy life. We also wish the best man the same when it’s his day to start a new life with the woman of his dreams!

Source: Facebook | Country Roads Photography


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