Jealousy Is A Mean Trait, And These People Prove It

Jealousy Is A Mean Trait, And These People Prove It


Jealousy is a color that suits nobody, but nobody seems to care. When something or someone wakes up that little seed of jealousy, there is no power on earth that can calm you down. It can ruin friendships, destroy relationships and wreck worlds. Well, it definitely feels like it can.

So whenever you start to feel that jealousy take over, think something nice, think of a happy place, think of all the good times, just never, ever do what these people did. Just don’t!

1. Sorry buddy, can’t help you there. It just looks like you are supporting this type of crazy behavior.


Source: Imgur | RamenNoodleMan60565

2. He’s probably going to have an extra hoodie next time, just in case.


Source: Instagram | @bink304

3. Settle down girl, she’s family.


Source: No Way Girl

4. That face is watching your every move. Go ahead, try something!


Source: Meme Super

5. No big deal, just a psycho standing behind you.


Source: Twitter | @ADrlacic11

6. This boy either did something wrong, or his girlfriend is just a regular nut-job.


Source: No Way Girl

7. When no girl is allowed within a foot of your man…


Source: Twitter | @g_dynamo

8. Even though she may be there for you, why risk it?


Source: Twitter | @ygselena

9. Better than the good old way of just peeing on everything to mark his territory.


Source: Reddit | jordendsampson

10. At some point, even the objects around you start to feel and deliver the drama.


Source: Reddit | ayupbecca

11. Well, she just took it to a whole new level. Jealous of inanimate objects, really?


Source: Twitter | @Kwall219

12. He’s not allowed to cuddle with his teddy bears, either!


Source: Twitter | @pullgodess

13. Well, somebody definitely needs anger management classes.


Source: Instagram | @jeveryday90

14. Even the digital girlfriend gets jealous sometimes.


Source: Reddit | mike_pants

15. The face of complete betrayal. She probably already has a plan to get rid of the new fluff.


Source: Twitter | @juliie240

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