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Ever Wondered Why Jeans Have Little Rivets On The Pockets? Well, Here’s Why!


What we wear tells a story about us.

Whether you choose a hoodie over a button down rather than a t-shirt, that’s your way of telling the world you mean business. For example, when you put on sweatpants instead of khakis, you’re obviously in a leisure state of mind. This is why the choice we have in our closets is huge,  so we can put together a narrative every day.

But the clothes we wear also have their own stories. Some of them aren’t just interesting – they’re historic too! And you wouldn’t know just by looking at them.

Jeans have conquered the world.

Jeans are everywhere. But how much do you actually know about them?

Source: via Jcjeansandclothes / Wikimedia Commons

Most of us have a few pairs of jeans in our closet right now.

On average, most American women own seven pairs of jeans!

Source: via Haute Living

On all of those pairs of jeans, there are these little buttons on the pockets. Do you know what those are all about?


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There’s actually a lot of history in those little buttons.

A certain jeans manufacturer and American icon were built around them starting all the way back in 1872.

Source: via Bellatory

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