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The Newest Jeans Craze – Detachable Jeans Are For The Bravest


Buying a pair of jeans nowadays is similar to ordering coffee from Starbucks. “I’d like a pair that is skinny, but that will fit me over here because the other skinny types are too short for me. And also, I would like them to be ripped a bit.” Jeans have seen every possible transformation just to satisfy our fashion and body needs, but for some, this was not enough. They needed something that could make jeans even edgier!

And, there you go, they invented detachable jeans.

The things we do for fashion are just unbelievable, and Opening Ceremony has them at your pleasure.

First, you thought ripping off your old pair of jeans would make you fit in the world of the latest fashion. But, next, you see they invented something completely different. Skinny jeans are in the past and forgotten. For those who have been struggling for years, which is great news. At least, if they follow this trend.


Source: Norton Health Care

So let’s get something straight, this is just stupid.


Source: Nordstrom

Now this.



They might be a great idea. First of all, you get that upper thigh airflow you wanted for years. Also, you might get tan lines if you pass a long time enough exposed to the sun.



However, it just turns out that these jeans have a lot of disadvantages. How about this peek-a-boo butt cheek design? It surely won’t fit everybody. It looks like they just invented them only for models.


Source:Some Ecards

How about if you get that other part out? This is what you’ll get.



Source: Some Ecards

At least you can get the stiffest looking shorts of all time. And if you want the whole pair and have some extra $460 in your savings account, go for it. Opening Ceremony can offer you a great variety, coming in bright or dark color.


Source: Some Ecards

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