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You Didn’t Know These Surprising Facts About Jennifer Aniston


I don’t actually think there is anyone out there who disagrees when I say that Jennifer Aniston is everyone’s dream girl. Both male and female. I mean, not only she is stunning but she’s also super duper talented and down to earth. What makes her special is that she possesses both the beauty and demeanor of a classic actress while maintaining a level of girl-next-door looks. But there is much more to her than that. Check the post down below if you want to know some interesting facts about her.

1. Her family name originally was Anastassakis.

When they immigrated from Greece, her grandfather decided to shorten her name.


Source: Fanpop

2. Her father is very famous too.

The actor John Aniston, starred as Victor Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives.


Source: Boomsbeat

3. She was known as the class clown while in high school.

I thought that everyone had a crush on her.


Source: Pinterest

4. She is terrified of flying.

It’s so weird considering how many times she has to for work.


5. Before becoming an actress, she was a waitress.

Remembering how bad of a waitress she was on Friends, I laughed so hard at this one.


Source: Fame 10

6. She actually auditioned for the role of Monica Geller.

And it was Aniston that told the producers that she would be better as Rachel.



7. She was recognized by a fan while sitting naked in a sauna.

That should’ve been awkward…


Source: Daily Mail

8. She met Brad Pitt on a blind date.

Both of their agents set them up.


Source: Popdust

She’s so cool!


9. The producers told her to lose 30 pounds if she wanted the role.

That must’ve hurt.


Source: We Heart It

10. She really hates when people name diets after her.

She says that the only thing you should do is exercise and eat healthy.


Source:ET Online

11. She has a pet Welsh corgi-terrier mix named Norman.

She also has a German shepherd named Dolly.


Source:Mind Pause

12. She can paint.

When she was only 11, she had a painting placed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Source: Daily Mail

13. She’s quite wise.

One of her quotes?

“It’s impossible to satisfy everyone, and I suggest we all stop trying.”


Source:NBC News

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