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Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt Are Considering Working Together


Wow, the drama continues. After the split with Angelina Jolie, the 53-year-old Brad Pitt seems to be looking to reconnect with his ex Jennifer Aniston, 48. After the Oscars, the pair were texting and it seems that Angelina was not very happy about it.

“Angelina Jolie is kind of freaking out now that Brad Pitt, has reconnected with his ex, Jennifer Aniston,” a source claimed.


According to fans, they have been saying that Brad’s reunion with Jennifer is happening way too soon. Especially that the divorce is still an ongoing process. Bringing in a third party at this stage could affect the good relations that the ex-couple have been enjoying.


“It stings for Angelina to know that Brad still thinks about Jen and wants to stay connected to her,” one insider adds.

“Angelina is frustrated, confused, annoyed and hurt that Brad would reach out to Jen so soon after breaking up with her,” the source shares.


The new gossip is that Jen and Brad are willing to work on screen if they had the chance. Of course, it would have to be a perfect role and it would have to be something that would benefit their careers too. Jen has thought that it would probably be easier if they started with something like voices on a future animated film, not characters that would be romantic with each other.


“She would highly consider it, so much so that she thinks it’s more likely than a Friends reunion.” WOW!


Before all of this drama, we seriously thought that the pair were connecting on a “limited basis” but its more than clear now that it’s a lot more frequent. Especially with the talk of collaboration.



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