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This Is How You Can Be Jennifer Lawrence’s New Drinking Buddy


Everyone wants to be Jennifer Lawrence’s best friend. She’s down to party, she’s up for watching ridiculous television, eating junk food and goes to those exclusive Hollywood parties.

Well, if you follow through on a few steps, you could be gossiping about people and celebs with her. You never know!

Since she has been out of the public eye for a while now, we truly miss her crazy interview stories. But she has been pretty busy filming her new projects.

Did you see the trailer of her new movie named Mother?

Source: Comic Book Movie

She landed four covers of the exclusive Vogue September issue. Woah!

Source: Vogue

It’s her second time on the cover of the September issue which is not bad at all for someone who’s 27 years old.

But, she also has great news to share. 


In collaboration with Omaze, you can hang out with the extraordinary J-Law!

So what do you have to do to win?


Basically all you have to do is donate on the Omaze campaign.

Source: SciFi Now

All the money will go to an organization J-Law is working with, named Represent.Us. This organization is focused on bringing people with different beliefs together to work to pass anti-corruption laws in local, national and state government.

If you are the lucky one, you and a guest will go for a wine tasting tour with Jennifer in California. 

Source: YouTube | Omaze

She would be an amazing drinking buddy. Remember when she said: “My signature scent probably is already red wine.” She even joked that she smells “like a cabernet”!


Don’t worry because all the alcohol and food will be provided. 


So, are you in? If you want the odds to be on your favor, check out the campaign. 


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