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Jeremy Kyle Gets Together With The Former Nanny Of His Kids

Jeremy Kyle
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If you haven’t heard of the Jeremy Kyle show before, let me fill you in.

Essentially, this is the UK version of Maury/Steve Wilkos/Dr. Phil. It’s hosted by the titular Jeremy Kyle, and he’s helping all the relationship dramas that are happening in the UK one at a time, while also making sure to grill all of those who turned the relationship into a trauma for one of the participants.

The latest bit of news to drop about Jeremy Kyle sounds just like a story from one of his shows!

The 51-year-old show host split up from his wife Carla Germaine in 2015, after 13 years of being together. They split up on account that Germaine was caught having affairs with England polo player James Carr.

Since then, Kyle is now dating his 16 years junior Vicky Burton. They’ve been together for about two months as of February 2017.

The interesting thing is that 35-year-old Vicky actually used to be the nanny of the children that he had in the previous marriage.

Jeremy Kyle Is Dating His Children's Nanny 1
A friend of Jeremy stated: ‘It’s early days but he’s happy.
‘The relationship is just starting out so who knows what the future will hold?’

Jeremy Kyle Is Dating His Children's Nanny 2

Jeremy Kyle Is Dating His Children's Nanny 3
The friend added that Miss Burton is ‘loved by all the family’ and that is ‘no animosity’ after Kyle informed his ex-wife about his new girlfriend.
They said: ‘He’s been single for a long time and deserves a bit of happiness.’

Burton, who quit her job as nanny almost a year ago, was photographed on the family vacation alongside Kyle’s ex-wife and the man himself.

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He has several children from his several marriages – 26-year-old Harriet from the previous marriage, along with three children that he had with Carla – Alice, Ava and Henry.

His ex-wife, however, is shocked. ‘What about our children? Why would he let it go public? I’ve got our three children to protect and this was their nanny. There are moral boundaries and integrity.’

Let’s hope the family reconciliates and everything turns out for the best.


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