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Jerrod and The Sweet Peach Too Faced

sweet peach

The January blues are blown away with this fairy tale mini movie and its equally astonishing revelation. Let Jerrod from Too Faced and YouTube star Laura Lee recapture the warm glow of Christmas spirit with the exciting return of Two Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection. It’s back and the announcement is nothing short of enchanting.


The much coveted and sorely missed palette returns with its 18 shades of peachy pinks, corals, bronzes and purples, as well as the inimitable aroma of sweet peach.

If, like me, you loved this palette the first time round, you’ll hardly be able to contain yourself at the news. But I would also give anything to go back to the thrill of discovering it for the first time again. So newbies -you’re in for a sweet peach treat.


Jerrod faces a dilemma when the peaches are not growing quickly enough to fill the demand, which throws him into a peach panic. Enter our all time favoutite Laura Lee who steals and saves the show. The video is just genious. It sums up the sensation that only a Too Faced Peach Palette can give you.

Youtubers are going wild over the promotion, with one commenting…

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