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See Nikkie Tutorials And Jessie J’s Makeup Looks

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We have already seen a lot of makeup artists doing different makeup looks and now here come the creme de la creme – the celebrities. Now, when it comes to celebrities they always rock the red carpet, shows and other big events. That’s why they hire some of the most talented makeup artists out there. But how about doing it by themselves?

Yup, it’s the amazing Jessie J. She does her own makeup everywhere she goes, on shows, tours and on the red carpet. Today she is doing a makeup tutorial collaboration with Nikkie Tutorials. All of which organized by Make Up For Ever.

Here you will see another side of Jessie, her makeup skills and also some Q&A’s . Let’s see what the girls have for us.


For the face, Nikkie does the same procedure she always follows; very light foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, highlighter. As for Jessie, she goes with a natural skin toned foundation which suits her perfectly.

makeup looks 1


Nikkie starts off with a primer on her lids while Jessie doesn’t follow suit. She goes straight with orange eyeshadow to suit her green eyes. Nikkie finishes the eye makeup with a brown, smokey look. In the end they both put on false eyelashes.

makeup looks 2


They prefer nude for their lips so Nikkie goes with a light, orangy lipstick and Jessie with a nude brown.

makeup looks 3

Do you like their makeup looks? How do you feel about Jessie doing more tutorials?

Share your thoughts with us and if you want to see more, press play down below.


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