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Jimmy Kimmel Gives People Old iPhone 4, But Tells Them It’s The New iPhone X


Apple’s new iPhone X was released just recently, on November the 3rd, but many apparently have no idea of what it looks like. Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel tested out random people’s reactions to an old iPhone 4 and told them it was the new iPhone X. Can you guess how many people realized the joke? Scroll down to find out and have a good laugh as well.

So this is how it all started. The 49-year-old comedian gave random people on the streets of LA a chance to test out Apple’s new iPhone X. But he used an old iPhone 4 instead on his Jimmy Kimmel Live! show.


The video below is just another proof that consumers often have absolutely no idea of what they are buying. Check it out for yourself.

As you can see, people had no idea they were holding an old iPhone4 from 2010. Since Apple makes it clear that they are improving their models all the time, so people made comments that the phone seems better and even “futuristic”.

Some also had trouble finding one word to describe the phone. The results were hilarious. There was one person, though, who was clever enough to notice this was an old phone.


While the newly launched iPhones 8 and X have had the usual success among Apple fans, it can’t be denied that their rivals, South Korean electronics giant Samsung are also doing good business. Here is their newest commercial for Samsung Galaxy.

Source: Samsung Mobile USA

Besides the excellent Samsung commercial, Apple also experiencing another disaster recently. One Chinese iPhone X owner shared a picture of his new device covered in cracks and splits in the front and back.


Despite the fragility issues, Apple still remains on the top in the smartphone scene, selling 46.7 million devices during the past three months.


Here‘s the moment when Jimmy shared the heartbreaking story of his newborn son’s medical condition.

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