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Impress Your Friends With Some Trivia About Joe Pesci’s ‘My Cousin Vinny’


In Hollywood, Joe Pesci is the go-to guy when someone needs an actor to portray a consigliere in the Italian mob, a criminal henchman or just a lovable small-time crook like Harry Lime in Home Alone.

Although such roles have left a lasting legacy for Pesci, it can sometimes be annoying that such a good actor has so rarely been given the chance to showcase his talents in main roles.

One exception is the 1992 movie My Cousin Vinny. A cult favorite, this flick. though not widely known, a gem of the early 90s.

If you’ve seen it no doubt you love it, so here is some trivia about My Cousin Vinny.

1. Vinny was based on guys Joe Pesci grew up with

Growing up in Newark, New Jersey, in the 1950s, Pesci had no trouble finding inspiration.


Source: IMDb

2. Pesci was awarded an Oscar for his Goodfellas role the day before work on My Cousin Vinny began

What a great end to one and start to another.


Source:ABC News

3. Lawyers loved the film

Many members of the law community praised the film for its accurate depiction of a case and a trial.


Source:Blu Ray

4. Although set in Alabama, the movie was mainly shot in Georgia



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